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A brief history

Scôz am Rhein is a town rich with history, so it may be only natural that also Hrnoz-Spandew Travels have an exciting past.
We arranged our first trips back in 1912, so there's really no one that knows tourism in Scôz am Rhein better than us!

Among our customers have been kings and queens, not to mention famous filmstars and philosophers. But it really doesn't matter who you are, everyone is treated like a king at Hrnoz-Spandew Travels!

Themes and group arrangements
Hrnoz-Spandew started with Theme travel arrangements back in the 20's. In those days travelers rarely expected more than just transportation and accommodation, but Hrnoz-Spandew brought more into the deal.

Specially designed group tours to the small villages in the beautiful Drnozob Navog region became an instant success.
The sight of a modern bus in the distant mountain regions nearly caused panic among the rural population!

In the 1930's we started to arrange the popular cultural tours in Scôz am Rhein. With the aid of several poets (including famous author Vasco di Fresca) the company brought busloads of visitors to the Avant garde scenes of the city.

Since the city was an architectural stronghold in Europe, Architectual Tours also became a huge hit. Famous architects like Osip Peck and the notorious William Biff Perry entertained guests with stories about their buildings. This mixture of early tourism and intellectualism is unique in european history!

Famous customers
Through the years Hrnoz-Spandew has entertained lots of prominent customers. Both royalties and revolutionaries, counts and filmstars.
During WW1 Mata Hari is said to have used Hrnoz-Spandew for her trips to Istanbul, and during the 1920's filmstars like Ana Hradn and Keynan Kradh spread a touch of Hollywood over many trips that the company arranged.

Ex-king Boris and his beautiful queen Igna once rented an entire Spandew train, just to have it for themselves. It was also rumored that Boris kept 3 mistresses on the same train!

During the 1950's and 60's Hrnoz-Spandew had the privilege of arranging the state visits of many great leaders of Eastern Europe, including Nikita Chruchew and Walther Ulbricht.

Travelling in the old days
During the first years of the Second World War Hrnoz-Spandews founder Horst Spandew managed to keep his business running. When the army seized his buses and trains, he continued to transport passengers on lorries. A whole new dimension to the word travelling in style!

Today we transport our tourists in comfortable modern buses, with air-condition - a luxury the Spandew-tourists of earlier days never could even dream of!

In the 1930's Hrnoz-Spandew started using aeroplanes for transporting passengers to Scôz am Rhein.
The planes were owned by Scozair, but soon Hrnoz-Spandew purchased two planes from them and formed the airline Spandew aero.
It didn't last long though. With the outbreak of WW2 the company lost both planes.
But we still use the image of classic aeroplanes in our advertisement!

The man and the dream
Horst Spandew had a dream. He wanted to show people how beautiful his hometown was.
In the beginning of the century Scôz am Rhein was only known among intellectuals and architects, but the city was growing rapidly and Spandew realized that there was a market for travel agencies.

He formed an alliance with the owners of the famous train company GDWT, and started advertising in all major cities in Europe.
His slogan is still legendary: Scôz has it!.

The Spandew trains were wonders of luxury, almost equivalent to the famous Orient Express. Spandew also built two major hotels in Scôz am Rhein to accommodate his passengers, the Breiff and the Szyrran.
In the 1920's he merged his company with Hrnoz Paneuropean, forming the Hrnoz-Spandew Travel group.

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